Leadership in a Complex World:

Harnessing Untapped Potential

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When we create products, more often than not, we create by-products too. One such by-product is okara, the remnants left after making soya milk. Tasteless and lacking appeal, it is easy to see why the soy pulp was often discarded after production. In 1929, T.A Van Gundy had the foresight to realise the market potential of okara. He led the production of Soy Spread, the first okara-based commercial product in the US. The example of okara is a poignant reminder of how resources can have other uses if only we can think it. Hence, the question at the heart of our theme is: How can we achieve more out of our resources?

The theme for AUS 2019 is “Harnessing Untapped Potential”. It focuses on resources that have not realised their full potential either because they are not currently being utilised or are utilised only in selected manners. The first step would thus be to identify areas in which resources can be better mobilised. Thereafter, we will look into ways to optimise such resources to meet the needs of your own community with the tools at your disposal, which include technology, education to train and change mindsets as well as interregional collaboration and sharing of expertise.

As the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another person’s treasure”. Each resource has its intrinsic value and it is up to us to imagine the numerous ways it can be used. Through AUS 2019, we hope that all will take up the challenge and dare to dream of the infinite possibilities,  thereby creating a cycle of renewal and revitalisation for resources that have yet to realise their full potential.

Applications for STEP AUS 2019 has closed. If you would like to be updated on when the application window for AUS 2020 opens, please join the mailing list via http://gg.gg/AUS2020.