Conference Overview

STEP AUS is comprised of 2 different legs - the Singapore Leg and the Overseas Leg hosted by our different Overseas Host Universities.

Each year, there is an overall theme set for the conference. Each host university will have a respective sub-theme, aiming to explore a specific aspect of the overall theme.

2.2 Conference Overview.png

+ Phase 1: Overseas Leg

During the Overseas Leg of the conference, participants will travel from their home university to one of the Overseas Host Universities (OHUs) for the overseas leg of the programme. In their time there, they will undergo the programme designed by the OHU, in reflection of the sub-theme the OHU have chosen to explore.

The programme designed by the OHU will be grounded in their country’s local context so as to better bring about a new perspective to participants who are of different nationalities.

+ Phase 2: Singapore Leg

After having gone through the Overseas Leg, participants will all converge in Singapore to synthesise their learning and participate in further discussion of the theme. Participants will be trained via the Design Thinking framework and tasked to utilise what they have gathered to innovate new solutions to a central problem statement. The conference will close with the participants pitching their ideas to judges who are key figures in relevant fields.