Creating Sustainable Synergies

Drawing from the main theme of “Harnessing Untapped Potential”, the focus of the Singapore leg is on the novel connections that can be created between different entities (which can be organisations, communities, sectors and more). The “potential” here is not any particular area or section of society, but of these connections which have not been realized yet (or not been established to their full potential). Finding and forging such connections can lead to the mutual benefit of everyone involved, where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts (synergy). The human, economic, cultural and environmental perspectives are some ways that participants can consider. In addition to forging such synergies, it is equally important to ensure that they are sustainable and can continue to persist over an extended period of time. This would also mean a solution that continues with minimal upkeep. In essence, the Singapore leg will focus on solutions which involve collaborations that are sustainable.

Our vision for this year’s Singapore programme is to offer a different aspect to the overarching idea of tapping into potential. While the overseas legs explore potential for growth in specific sectors, the Singapore leg looks at how different sectors and entities can come together to unlock new possibilities. Firstly, the groups involved may be able to provide what the other is looking for. Secondly, skills and resources that seem without purpose in isolation can be put into good use through collaboration.

For example, a pre-school in Singapore has recently started an initiative that brings in the elderly of the local community to teach its young students calligraphy, enabling elders to bond with the community and engaging the children in an enriching activity. This is only one example, and there lies immense scope for sustainable synergies around us. Such solutions will enable a productive integration of the diverse experiences you gathered at the overseas legs.